Tuesday, November 29, 2011

An Update from the Void

I've been a bit quiet lately, I know. I find it's hard to talk about anything when I'm not allowed to talk about work, and I've been working hard on an unreleased project. It's been wonderfully exciting and interestingly hard, and we launched today so I can finally say (a little) about what I've been spending all my time doing.

I'm part of the indoor maps / location team. Some of you may remember that I'm somewhat obsessed with maps. Now I get to work with lots of other people who are also obsessed with maps. (Did you know that for a long time California was thought to be an island?) Surprisingly to me, there's only a small amount of Computational Geometry being used in all of this, so I've been getting a crash course in Machine Learning, which has been enjoyably educational. I am, of course, planning to inject geometry wherever I can... perhaps eventually I'll be able to give an update on that as well. Until then, I'll have to make do with telling you to download Maps 6.0 and give it a try.


GASARCH said...

I suspect they hired you NOT for
what you know but because they
think having a PHD proves that
you are smart. (you ARE smart,
though I wonder if having a PhD
is really a rigorous proof of that).

Hence I'm NOT surprised that your project does not involve Geometry
(your main area of research for
your Phd).

Anonymous said...

maybe a cartographer killed a time traveler who had a map from the year 3000

Alex McFerron said...

wow. cool project! I find it hard also to find things to talk about that aren't work related when i'm not allowed to talk about things work related. ugggg... looking forward to reading more about your project. very interesting