Sunday, March 6, 2011

SoCG Accepted Motion/Sensing Papers

Yes, this is somewhat delayed. Better late than never?

Here's the list of exciting-looking motion/sensing papers culled from the SoCG 2011 accepted papers list. Also known as my to-read list.

  • Mark de Berg, Marcel Roeloffzen and Bettina Speckmann. Kinetic Convex Hulls and Delaunay Triangulations in the Black-Box Model
  • Umut Acar, Benoît Hudson and Duru Türkoglu. Kinetic Mesh Refinement in 2D
  • Rishi Gupta, Piotr Indyk, Eric Price and Yaron Rachlin. Compressive sensing with local geometric features

Sadly, none of these seem to have a pdf preprint up yet, providing me with yet another excuse for procrastination...

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