Wednesday, June 16, 2010

SoCG, Day 2

The highlight of today was the weather and the trip up the mountain (by tram) to this incredible view at the top. Yes, the sky was really that blue, and yes, that's snow we were standing on. You can see Salt Lake City in the valley in the distance.

Otherwise, the day started with another good talk by Chazelle introducing the problem of understanding the convergence of collective motion. He gave a beautiful example about fireflies in Thailand and Malaysia that flash simultaneously.

I won't go into detail, but two other papers I found interesting/ exciting are:

Dynamic can sometimes get close to kinetic...

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John Moeller said...

Those are actually the Southern 'burbs of Salt Lake. Downtown is to the right.

Glad you're enjoying the view. It's one of the things that I'll miss having access to when I leave.