Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sensor Data Sets

As part of some recent work, I've been looking around online for data sets of moving objects. I've come across some incredibly useful ones, some incredibly boring ones, and some horribly maintained ones. I'm not going to talk about any of those today. Instead, I present here the ones that made the process amusing/exciting/interesting. Of course, some of these also turned out to be useful. None were boring.

  • The Owl Project: MIT Media Lab: Strap cell phones to trees in the forest. Program the cell phones to sound like owls when they ring. Call the cell phones. Record the responding owl hoots.
  • Moose Research: Watch moose movements on online maps. Aren't moose just always funny?
  • Finding a Cab in NYC: Are you constantly standing confused on a street corner in NYC wondering where all the cabs are? Do you live in Queens? A cell phone app can let you know what street corners near you had the most cab pickups at this time/day. It can also show you that you really can't get a cab in Brooklyn.
  • Birds with Backpacks: The picture above really says it all.

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