Wednesday, April 14, 2010


A power outage at my home last night took me back to my days living in Ghana: It was complete. It went on for awhile (6 hours? I was asleep by the time it ended...). It was unexpected (by me) - yet apparently planned (by the power company). As my reminders from Monday attest, this is a week with many deadlines, which makes me wonder:

  • If you are someone who experiences such outages frequently (perhaps you live in Ghana, or just in SE DC), how do you deal with this in relation to work? Do you submit "early and often?"
  • Do PCs care if this is why your submission is late? Would you contact them and ask for a personal extension if this were the reason? Should they care? Either way, is this another advantage that those "in the know" have over everyone else? (One "in the know" advantage seems to have been done away with at ESA this year.)
  • Is this yet another subtle way that the conference system fails?
  • When wondering at the lack of diversity (in terms of race or international participation (is this a problem?)) in our field, is this one of the causes? Or, to think about this more generally, is lack of access to electricity and electronics still causing our field to remain "small?"

Here, in the nation's capital, I'm reveling in the fact that the lights are on and so is my computer.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think asking for a request because there was a blackout constitutes being "in the know"... anyone can ask and I think many reasonable PCs would allow that as an excuse if it (provably?) actually happened and it was technologically still feasible to accept the submission... but I do agree with your point about the soft length guidelines as construable as unfair.