Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Second Women in Theory Workshop

This blog has its origins in an excellent workshop for women in theoretical computer science that I attended in the summer of 2008. Happily, it's happening again! Not only did I learn a lot from the technical talks and have fun networking with the women there, but the networking has been successful in the longer-term as well. One of the sometimes frustrating things about general women in computer science conferences is that you meet wonderful people who you can't look forward to seeing at technical conferences. This workshop is satisfyingly different in that way. I definitely recommend going.

Now, the more formal announcement (from Tal Rabin):

We will be holding the Second Women in Theory Workshop at Princeton on June 19-23, 2010.
To apply please go to:
The format will be similar to the WIT 2008 workshop. You can view information on that workshop at:
and view a video of WIT08.


Erin said...

Think they'll actually have someone from the CG community speak this year? =)

I also loved this - I really hope they keep it going. I really think it could benefit early PhD students in particular, since it is such a good, broad exposure. Plus, you meet a bunch of potential roommates for later conferences.

sorelle said...

Erin - you should volunteer! I'd be excited about your talk. (:

Erin said...

Unfortunately, I think that sort of thing is more an invited talk! =) Wish I could justify attending, but it's definitely designed more for grad students, so I wouldn't want to take a spot.

I wish there were a similar venue for more senior women - like a women in theory to connect senior grad students and junior faculty with more senior women. I guess we need it less, though, so I'm glad that they have this one for grad students.

Have you applied to go, Sorelle? Someone's gotta represent the geometry community! =)

sorelle said...

Erin - I agree that such a workshop would be useful... perhaps we'll organize it some day. (;

Yup, I've applied to go again, though they said they'd give preference to people who haven't been. Fair enough!