Thursday, December 10, 2009

National Computer Science Education Week

You may not have noticed, but this week is National Computer Science Education Week, a week dedicated to increasing the amount of computer science education (especially in high schools). In this spirit, I looked up the US government projections about computer science occupations in 2018 (ten years from the last time they did this analysis). Unsurprisingly, the number of computer science related jobs is expected to increase. Drastically. The subsection with the most increase is "computer software engineers, applications," which is projected to increase by 34%. The total number of new jobs projected is approximately 450,400. In contrast, the Taulbee Survey shows that the total number of bachelor's degrees awarded in computer science and computer engineering in 2008 was 12,815. In other words, if these levels of new graduates continue (and all take jobs in computer science and no other applicants enter the field), there will be 322,250 jobs unfilled, or more than two-thirds of the newly created jobs.

Of course, the US is not a self-contained system, and neither is our field. Still, perhaps it's worth remembering the statistics when chatting with the dean about department growth...

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