Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Conference Roommate Finding Forum

Announcing a conference roommate finding board:

The hope is that this will help students (and others) to find roommates to share hotel rooms with at conferences, thus decreasing cost and increasing the possibility of attendance. Ideally, I think this is something that should be hosted by CRA or ACM, but until they take over, it seems better to have something than nothing. Similarly, I don't intend this to be limited to theoretical computer science.

Please spread the word so that it will actually be useful!


Andy D said...

That's a great idea!

Mosharaf C said...


Twitter or Facebook is a faster dissemination medium, I would say..

Warren said...

Indeed, great idea. SIAM does this for SODA, but as I recall it's done manually so they aren't likely to open it to non-SIAM conferences. SIAM might be easy to convince to host a bulletin board like this since they're already used to the idea of roommate finding.