Friday, September 11, 2009

New (Woman in Theory) Blog!

Congrats to Cora Borradaile on her new job (at Oregon State) and accompanying new blog. Welcome to the blogosphere!

(Thanks to David E. for the news.)


Alex McFerron said...

Does this make two?

Alex McFerron said...

Well, i guess mine could be number three. I'm a woman and i'm starting a blog on theory. I am going to be applying for the phd in theory at DePaul university soon.

I just started it.


Alex McFerron said...

What tools can we use to make better pictures? I ran into that problem on post number 1

sorelle said...

Yes, as far as I know Cora and I (and Alex) are the only non-anonymous women in theory blogging.

Alex - I like Ipe for picture making.

GASARCH said...

Are there any Anonymous theory blogs?
When Jon Katz started his blog he
said he considered doing it anonymously
but it would be too hard--- the things you say at conferences in the halls sound like your blog and you would be outed. OR people would not take an anon blogger seriously.
But, back to the question- are there any anonymouse theory bloggers?
Other types of anon bloggers?

Alex McFerron said...

I don't know of any anon theory bloggers but I know of this anon blogger. I think this blog is very well read

Alex McFerron said...

I'll check out Ipe, thanks!

sorelle said...

Bill - well, to be fair I know of anonymous female cs blogs, but not anonymous female cs theory blogs (they're vague about what their area is). See Jane Compute is now defunct, as is FemaleCSGradStudent, who has graduated to Dr. T..

Alex McFerron said...

Do mostly women do anon blogs, i wonder. It seems that way, but maybe i do not know of anon blogs by men. Does anyone know of some big blogs that are anon and by men?

Glencora said...

Thanks, Sorelle!

I actually started a couple of anonymous blogs in the past but quickly gave up as I thought if I wanted to say anything of substance, it would be clear who I was. I also didn't like the (seemingly pervasive) idea that if you want to blog as a woman, you ought to do it anonymously for your own good. I don't lay blame though - underrepresented populations want to address the issues they face. Often that means being critical of your surroundings. Many feminist bloggers (e.g. bitch ph.d.) also blog anonymously - feministing is trying to change that, I think.

marry said...

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