Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Purple With Glee

The (Maryland portion of the) purple line, the mythical creature of DC, much spoken of and never seen, took a step towards reality today. Maryland governor O'Malley announced his support for the light-rail version of the line (much preferable to the bus rapid transit version) and his intent to apply for federal funding. Getting to this seemingly insignificant step has taken forever since there's been a lot of resistance from (rich, white) locals in Montgomery County (who don't ride public transit anyway) who are upset that the Metro will run through a local park (that wouldn't exist if it weren't for the existing right-of-way).

Any of you who attended STOC (held in Bethesda) and had some desire to visit U of Md at College Park may have noticed how exceedingly inconvenient that was by public transit. Now look at the proposed map and imagine my glee should this ever actually be built (long after I have already graduated).

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Anonymous said...

Don't be purple with Glee yet- I suspect that it won't be built for quite some time. Look forward to it when we HONOR our
you come back to visit us
as one of them- in about
40 years.

bill g.