Monday, February 16, 2009

Free CG Journal?

Dense outliers currently has a poll up about starting a free computational geometry journal. Go vote!


bil gasarch said...

I am IN FAVOR of free journals in general, but I am not in Comp Geom.
So is it appropriate for me to vote on this?

sorelle said...

I think the answer is no, since you wouldn't be submitting or on the editorial board. On the other hand, you could certainly comment and try to convince skeptical folks that it's a good plan. I'm strongly in favor of free journals as well.

A lot of the negative comments seem to be about the lack of need for another journal in CG, but I think that's besides the point. I'd certainly rather submit work to a journal that encourages sharing of my work than one which makes me worried about the legality of even posting papers on my website. I think that for this reason, a free journal has the potential to surpass other more established ones.

bil gasarch said...

Why a free journal in CG?:
There are problems with the current business model of journals. For some info on this goto the complexity blog and search for Elsevier. (Basic problem:
They charge to much and are not on line.) There have been various solutions presented. Note that running a journal DOES cost money, so SOME source of revenue is needed.

Are the current Comp Geom journals serving your needs? Are they to expensive? (I honestly do not know.) If so then there is a need for a new journal. If not, then not.

Current free journals:
Electronic Journal of Combinatorics,
Theory of Computing.I am sure there are others.

sorelle said...

For me it's not just about whether I have access to the papers with or without a free CG journal - it's a philosophical objection to closed sources of research information.