Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Day Without a Gay

Continuing the Join the Impact campaign against California's Prop. 8 and for gay marriage and gay rights, tomorrow is Day Without a Gay*. The organizers urge everyone, not just gay people, to "call in gay" to work and instead donate your time to local service organizations in need of volunteers. They also suggest not consuming for a day. The goal is visibility for gay issues. As I've mentioned earlier, it's part of a larger movement which frames these issues in terms of civil rights.

I'll be participating, though I admit it feels rather like it won't have a big impact. After all, it'll just be another day when I don't go to campus and stay at home to work. Though I will be avoiding my neighborhood coffee shop at which I have "regular" status.

* Here, "gay" is being used as an umbrella term. In fact, that's usually the way I use it. If you prefer, whenever I say "gay" you can replace it in your head with "LGBTQ" or "queer" (for the more social theory academically minded among you).

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Anonymous said...

Next week is "We are not gay!" week. So call your work and tell them that your are not gay!