Thursday, October 23, 2008

How About Some Chairs?

I'm anticipating an election day problem. Lots of people go to the polls. No really, LOTS of people go to the polls. 98% of eligible Michigan voters are registered to vote (if that's actually true, I'm amazed). So, lots of people show up. And there are long lines. Waits in Florida for early voting are already two to five hours. Now imagine that you're older or on crutches or otherwise not able to stand in the sun or cold (depending on where you live) for two to five hours (really not an unlikely possibility). It's hard enough that people need to find two to five hours in order to vote (which has the potential to disenfranchise workers), but it also threatens to disenfranchise anyone who can't stand up for that long. I don't know if the polling places will be providing chairs (unlikely) or if the Obama folks will be, outside of the required radius of course (more likely), but there need to be chairs there. Ideally, chairs with wheels so that folks in pain can be pushed. I plan to bring more than one to my polling place and then (assuming I ever get to leave) bring some to a polling place in Virginia. I hope you do the same.

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