Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'll Have To Get Back To You...

One of the tactics we mentioned to the future TAs and which every teacher (should) know is to admit when you don't know the answer to a question, promise to find out the answer and get back to them, and move on. This is the best strategy partially because if you try to talk around it, it will be painfully obvious that the true answer is "I don't know and know that I should." Politicians, however, seem to have a hard time doing this. To be fair, it's often more important for them that they look like they know everything... but it could be argued that this is even more of a reason not to try to talk around the issue (and in doing so look like an idiot). The latest example of a foot-in-the-mouth performance is by one of McCain's staffers Tucker Bounds. When talking to a CNN reporter, he blatantly avoids answering her question about what specific decisions Palin has made as commander of the Alaska national guard. Tucker can't answer and won't say he can't answer, so he ends up looking as expected in that situation. CNN airs the interview (um, clearly) which makes the McCain "don't ask me hard questions" camp whiney and they pull a later interview with Larry King. If they weren't running for president by saying they can handle the hard questions, it'd be funny. No, wait, it's still funny.

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