Thursday, September 18, 2008


Sadly, my AT&T Labs Fellowship ends at the end of this school year. It's excellent and I'd love another, so I'm on the hunt for other fellowships. I thought I'd share the list I'm compiling.

All fellowships are open to students in Computer Science PhD programs. Also, these don't include fellowships with required after-graduate school participation (unless I've missed something), but do include fellowships with required (or strongly encouraged) internships.
  • IBM Fellowship - Deadline: Open for nominations September 22, 2008 through October 31, 2008 (nomination by faculty member required). Eligibility: completed at least one year of a doctoral program. Award:tuition, fees, and stipend for one year (amount varies by country/region).

    For Women:
  • Google's Anita Borg Scholarship - Deadline: check back in October 2008. Eligibility: entering senior year of undergraduate study or be enrolled in a full-time graduate program for 2008-2009 with at least a 3.5/4.0 GPA. Award: $10,000
  • SWE Scholarships - Application information for 2009-2010 will be available in December.
  • AAUW Fellowships - Many fellowships; one is a dissertation fellowship for which eligibility is restricted to those who have "completed all course work, passed all required preliminary examinations, and received approval for their research proposal or plan by Nov. 15, 2008."

Also useful: a comprehensive but outdated list of fellowships for the sciences in general, and a non-field specific site for fellowships.


abender said...

Related to the MSR Fellowship is the MS Live Labs Fellowship. I'm not sure about the requirement that students be in their second or third years to receive these fellowships. For each Fellowship, I know someone that has received it in their 5th+ year.

There is also the Symantec Graduate Fellowship for people doing security research.

sorelle said...

Another non-field specific link to fellowships:
national academies page