Thursday, August 14, 2008

Videos of Female Scientists

A quick post to give a link to Feministing which is featuring some videos by female scientists from Big Think. Just in case you needed proof that we exist...


Anonymous said...

I want to bring a point which I think is very impotent. I agree that there are still discriminations against women scientists in the community, but following a feminism's agenda can back fire. If one keep saying I am normal, people start to think why they can't just act like all normal humans. I mean that if you keep saying that we exist too much, it causes people to think that you do not! I always thought that many of feminist do this mistake, which makes people think why can not they be normal. I think that men or women, we are all human, and when you put too much strength on saying you are a woman, you start to shift focus from being human (the same for men), as if we are not human, but we are men and women.
This artificial force to make number of women and men equal. Why should there be equal numbers? Does this really show that we are acting as humans, and do not discriminate? Or is it just a propaganda to show that we are not sexist? Should we force the same number of women like football as men do? Should we force the same number of women buy aftershave as men do?
I hope I have expressed what I meant.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who thinks that, at least in some ways, being a woman in computer science (especially theory) is an advantage?

I mean, there is a link to this blog from lance's blog, essentially because a female student is writing it.

I also believe (and I've seen it happen more than once) that, when one is in the job market, it helps being a woman.

Anonymous said...

>I also believe (and I've seen it happen more than once) that, when one is in the job market, it helps being a woman.

Anon 2, can you back your statement up with some concrete example? What kind of advantage are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

(Anon 2)

Equal opportunity/affirmative action essentially implies that there are years in which cs departments are *desperate* to hire female candidates, (possibly) ignoring stronger male candidates in the market.

sorelle said...

I'm surprised that my tongue-in-cheek comment about the existence of female scientists sparked this. I clearly assume that none of you assume that I'm a figment of your imagination. At some point I might try to address the idea of affirmative action, but it's a larger topic than a short comment can do justice. For now, let me just say that I believe in the fairness of affirmative action and I think this is the fundamental point most of these comments are disagreeing with.

By the way, I believe there's a link to my blog from Lance's because it's also Bill's and I'm in his department.