Monday, August 4, 2008

Sulfide Mining

After reading When the Rivers Run Dry I'm especially aware of the water supply. I expected that arriving in the north woods of Minnesota this awareness would mean an appreciation of the large supply of still unpolluted marvelously clear lake water. Instead, Minnesota is poised to allow sulfide mining into Superior National Forest (more information). Water, of course, does not obey the boundaries of the mines' land, so these mines would poison the local watershed and destroy the local wilderness and national parks (water information from a similar effort in Michigan).  The image on the left is the result of similar mining in Canada (source and more photos). Minnesota could look like that instead of as it does now (BWCA photo source and information). And if the environmental catastrophe doesn't give you pause, consider the loss to the economy (tourism is a big source of income in the north woods) and property values (see the pictures for explanation). If you have voting representation in the House, especially if you vote in Minnesota, contact them about this bill. (If you'd rather I contacted them on my own, first help me get the right to representation.)

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