Monday, July 14, 2008

Moving While Reading Papers

I moved yesterday. The new house is probably less than a mile from the old apartment, but I still needed to pack everything and lift everything. I'm incredibly sore. And while the geometric part of me actually enjoys packing (how can I fit all these differently shaped objects into boxes in the most space efficient way?), there were some other geometric problems that I would have preferred to be looking at.

I'm currently working on three projects on three different topics with three different people. This is too many. But I'm interested in all of them and want to see them through. So I am forever juggling these projects. And I think I've figured out how to make that work for me (it involves days with no meetings and lots of time in coffee shops). But when a fourth non-work project comes up (pack! move!) it throws the whole system off. So today, while waiting for the cable guy to show up at the new place so that my CS woman roommate and I can work, I'll be reading a paper for a meeting later today and unpacking. I'm a big multi-tasker (I'm currently drinking tea and eating breakfast while writing this post), but this is a little much.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting NYT article for anyone concerned with women's representation in computer science. (Though the article talks about physical sciences, not CS.)

One of the points made by the article is that under-representation of women in technical fields may be a result of women's choices to pursue other fields, and not any systemic bias or discrimination. And in the end it seems the women may be making the better choices (I say this as a [male] academic who is debating whether to leave).